Monday, February 17, 2020

The Roster: 4/12th Infantry, Warriors

One of the original aims of this site was to build a roster of the fellows who served with 4/12 Infantry during our Baumholder days. While the web beacon concept still works, technology has moved on. However, until I can create a new database that will allow people to enter their details directly, the best thing you can do is to enter your details in the comments section below, or on any of the other posts here at the 4/12 Inf Web Beacon. That will allow search engines like Google to find you, and help you find other vets.

Of course, I'll keep all of these entries on the site in the future.

I should also add that veterans of the regiment from Viet Nam days should go straight to the Redcatcher side, which is the best place for 12th Infantrymen of the 1960s to find their friends.

Meanwhile, if you're keen to see if I have details for anyone in particular, you can still contact me directly.

Naturally, I won't pass your details along to spammers or scammers.  And I'm not selling anything myself, either.

If you're still in touch with anyone from those days, I'd be grateful if you would forward them a copy of this email to tell them about the web beacon.


p.s. if you were also with 1/39 Inf (M), be sure to visit that web beacon as well.

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